16 & Pregnant: There Are Actually People Who Don't "Believe In" Adoption

As it is with the lion's share of these kids, the baby daddy on last night's episode was an idiot asshole who was way too immature to even begin to comprehend what it takes to be a father. Taylor is a 15-year-old pregnant high school freshman who is going out with 16-year-old Nathan. Taylor's mother seems to be the only person in the entire situation who is actually confronting reality, asking that the kids seriously consider adoption as a choice. But Nathan and his mother "don't believe in adoption." It's unconscionable that there are people who would even consider adoption to even be up for dogmatic debate. Nathan was adamant about the fact that babies should be raised by their "blood parents." However, he was unwilling to get a job to support his child, nor was he supportive when it came to middle-of-the-night feedings and changes.

Eventually, all of the financial burden fell on Taylor's mother, who was incensed when she overheard a fight between Nathan and Taylor in which Nathan called the mother of his child an idiot, stupid, lazy and repeatedly told her to shut up when all she was asking for was a little bit of help. Taylor's mom tried to intervene, but according to what Taylor said in her After Show interview, Nathan's support hasn't improved at all, and in fact, he is going out on weekends with his friends instead of helping with their baby. However, they remain a couple despite the fact that Taylor recently learned that he was cheating on her while she was pregnant.



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When my husband and i initially announced our engagement, Certain Persons in his family assumed I was pregnant. When disabused of this notion, they began to bug about when I planned to start popping out kids. Informed that if we desired children in future, we would adopt, all these Persons immediately informed me that 'it's just not the same' when you adopt. Having an adoptive brother, I was incensed and had to womanfully restrain myself from smacking them up one side and down another. How fucking rude - to casually denigrate other families like that.