10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Dr. Phil teaches us how Rock of Love has negatively affected our nation's youth, Bill O'Reilly's feud with Snooki, and expectant mothers doll up for delivery.

1.) Girl idolizes Rock of Love contestants.
So Dr. Phil took the appropriate measures and surprised her at the end of the episode by sending her to rehab.

2.) Snooki vs. O'Reilly?
Well, not really, but that's how The Insider would like to make it appear. Actually, Bill O'Reilly claims to not really know who Snooki is. See! He's not that different from our president after all.

3.) Beautiful labor.
If I ever get rattles painted on my toenails in preparation for my delivery I give you permission to murder me, because I think that my child would be better off that way.

4.) Lisa Vanderpump's dirty mind.

5.) Tim & Eric make Conan funny.
Which is a pretty big accomplishment.

6.) How Jennifer Aniston changed the world.
She confronted Perez Hilton about his meanness, which prompted him to change his whole schtick. I'd just like to say that this only proves how much Perez Hilton sucked to begin with, that his whole belief system could be shaken to its core because of a "scary" encounter with Jennifer Aniston in a parking garage.

7.) Steven Tyler is gross.

8.) No one wants Mindy Kaling's crap.
Her care was broken into recently, and the thief left everything behind.

9.) Barbara Walters was such a bitch to Camille Grammer.
Babs is a longtime friend of Kathy Hilton's. Do you think that means she's on Team Kyle?


10.) Kathie Lee's tits.

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I am judgmental of people who are judgmental of women who make a point to look good in their hospital I-just-had-a-baby photos.

Is it vain? Yes. But it's not any more vain than not wanting someone to take your picture 5 minutes after you just woke up when you haven't washed your face or brushed your teeth.

People are offended by it because in the rosy, stereotypical ideal of a baby's birth, the mother is in hoards of unspeakable pain that gives way to pure bliss as she sees her baby for the first time - she's not supposed to care about anything except for her bouncing bundle of joy. In reality, lots of women aren't in that much pain because they get an epidural and you have all this time of doing nothing so why not get glammed up?

The bottom line is: you wouldn't judge anyone else for not wanting to look like they were just hit by a truck on a day that they know they're going to have their picture taken so why would you judge a pregnant woman? What makes that more okay?