Self-aware woodland creature Zooey Deschanel teamed up with Hello Giggles partner Sophia Rossi to start a production company, and they just inked a deal with 20th Century Fox TV. This is exciting news; these women are focused on lady empowerment, and they're in a position to do something about it in a very public way. It's extra cool because Deschanel and Rossi obviously take female friendship seriously, and their advice in the above video is thoughtful, no-nonsense, and girl positive. I was only gonna watch a minute of it, but now I'm listening along and saying things like, "OK, riiight?" and "COME ON!"

"We've known Zooey as an actress through New Girl, and as we got to know her as a producer through the script she developed, we quickly realized that there is so much more to her," 20th TV chairman Gary Newman said. "Zooey and Sophia have their finger on the pulse of young people and particularly young women, and we really responded to that."


It's probably too much to expect that everything they do be 100 percent GIRL POWER all the time forever, as they live in the world, and men are an exciting part of the world. That said, I hope it's pretty damn close. Men (and the token lady and person of color!) have been telling women's stories for a long-ass time, and there's no reason to think two smart women couldn't create well-rounded shows that are primarily written, directed, starring, and staffed by women. But, uh, no pressure, ladies??

Anyway, it's very cool that they're gonna help shape the future of television, and I have high hopes. I also have a spec script. LADIES, FRIENDSTER ME.