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You've Got to See This to Believe It: Cat Plays Shell Game, Wins Every Time

This is freaky as hell! What's with Kido the cat? He's amazing! And to think he was abandoned by two different families before being adopted by the person who brought him YouTube fame and fortune. Maybe his previous owners lost their houses to him in a game of poker, and that's why he to relocate?


Anyway, I don't care if he's listening for the ball in the cup, as some YouTube whiners are whining about, it's still tremendous. I played along each time and only got it right twice. (I know, I'm more worried about what that says about me than what it says about Kido.)

Butseriouslyfolks, someone get Kido into a sideshow, or on a street corner, or something. It's time to hustle!

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Sorcia MacNasty

Such a pretty cat!

And everyone whining about, "The cat can hear/smell/sense it... NYAH!" — please STFU. You ever tried to train a cat to do anything? It's fucking hard. So hush.