Women are doing better than ever in school, and sometimes their male significant others can't stand to see them succeed.

According to an August study by the American Psychology Association, a man's "self-esteem is lower when he sees his female partner succeed than when he sees her fail".

Thomas DiPrete, a sociology professor at Columbia University, says that a man might be upset about their lady partner's success because of upheaval of traditional gender roles and possible bruised egos:

If they're brought up to think that it's the man's job to be the primary breadwinner โ€” but they're dating or marrying women who are as successful or more successful than themselves โ€” at least for some men, I think that creates problems in terms of a disconnect with a masculine identity they have.


Experts advise that communication is key when it comes to this โ€” and all โ€” relationship issues, but how far do young women need to go placate a partner who secretly seethes inside when she shines? That's pretty fucking wack. Perhaps these dudes would be best benefitted by a mirror with which to check themselves.

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