Your Morning Cry: Volunteer Pilots Fly Rescue Puppies to New Forever Homes

I'm crying, but I've been weepy all morning imagining a world without Roger Ebert and also because I accidentally bought rice milk ice cream bon bons instead of almond milk ice cream bon bons.


Pilots N Paws is an organization that transports shelter dogs to their new homes. Kinda like storks, but less magical. Or maybe equally magical.

This is especially necessary for high kill shelters where super adoptable animals are put down every day because there just aren't enough homes. This time, the Pilots N Paws superheroes are transporting adorable puppies from New England Lab Rescue to the loving arms of their new forever families. Sniff.


[via HooplaHa]

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Laura: why are you trying to get me to get a dog? Between this and the adorable little boy with his adorable French bulldog the other day (piled on top of watching LPC play with a tinydog on Sunday), I am constantly thinking about dogs. I am going to sleep walk to a shelter and get all them.

And then wake up and realize I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a cat and a toddler, and I shall shake my fist skyward and scream "Damn you, Laura!"