Your Morning Cry: Stephen Colbert's Tearful Tribute to His Late Mother

Illustration for article titled Your Morning Cry: Stephen Colberts Tearful Tribute to His Late Mother

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert gave a heartfelt tribute to his mom, Lorna Colbert, who passed away last week at age 92. Get all the tissues in your house, and possibly a pillow case or an absorbent light rug, because you are about to cry all the tears.


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I can't even.

Monday was my birthday. I was laid off from the job I have been putting my heart and soul into for the past three years on Tuesday. On Wednesday they asked me to come back as a contract employee to help close the office down and finish our current projects. (You know, the same work load but without all of those pesky things like benefits and job security.)

I know that I shouldn't be looking at anything titled "Your Morning Cry," but apparently I can't help myself. Is there an app or something that will temporarily replace all sad things on the internet with videos of adorable kittens? If not, someone needs to get on that ASAP.