Your Morning Cry: Puppy Mill Dog Walks on Grass for First Time

Meet Lizzy. Lizzy was a breeder dog at a puppy mill for 12 years. She was confined to a tiny cage all that time; forced to breed litter after litter of puppies who were taken from her and shipped out to pet stores around the United States. Lizzy was never allowed to play, or even move around much.


Last month, she was rescued by the wonderful folks at National Mill Dog Rescue and for the first time in twelve fucking years, got to be a dog. First order of business? Walking on grass. This is a dog who has never walked on grass! Jesus.

Thankfully, Lizzy has already been adopted. She will get to spend the rest of her life playing on all the grass, and (obviously) being ridiculously adorable.


[National Mill Dog Rescue]

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Oh god no. I had to put my backyard breeder rescue Newfoundland down last night. She couldn't walk in a straight line because she spent the first part of her life in a cage. Oh god, the tears. They will not stop.