Your Daily Eliot Spitzer Update: Eliot Spitzer Is a Feminist

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Ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer who paid to have sex with women and then paid the price by resigning from his job because this is America, is back in the spotlight, this time running for New York City Comptroller, which is basically a glorified (?) accountant. Of course, because of this, he will be asked to — and most likely evade — about a million questions about sex and women. Makes sense.

Either way, it is for this reason that we found out that he considers himself a feminist:

"Yes," Spitzer replied without hesitation. "I think, look, I hate to hide behind the line, 'Life is complicated.' But what I've said to the voters is look at the totality of my record. The record I had was one of devout dedication to women's rights on the issues of choice, on the issues of equal pay, on the issues of anti-discrimination."

Spitzer also touted his work against human trafficking.

"Both as attorney general where we were fervent in pursuing those cases, where we were fervent when I was governor in seeking legislation — we passed and got passed an anti-human trafficking law."


So there you have it!

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Are we still supposed to be upset that a consenting adult paid another consenting adult for sex? I know there are a lot of sex workers who face horrible exploitation, but I don't think that someone who gets paid about $5,000 per encounter is likely to be one of them.