What better time than a sunday evening for an awesome piece of art? And what better time than now to look closer at this image and try to figure out how it was made? Give up yet? Look again! (No, really. I will wait here.)

If you guessed that this was body paint under a black light, you are absolutely correct. If you guessed anything else, you are wrong (but don't worry, I guessed that it was a black velvet painting so I was wayyyyyy off). No matter what your idea was, you can now revel in how awesome this body art is and think about getting some yourself. I am this close to going to the nearest Hot Topic and buying a black light. I'm never going to be as good as John Poppleton, however, who spends hours drawing these beautiful images. The patience he must have. (Wait, do you think this tickles?) (It probably tickles a lot.)

Check out his process below:

Image via John Poppleton