You Think Knickers is Big, But Look at This Ever-So-Slightly Larger Steer

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Screenshot: Instagram/Kismet Creek Farm

This week, we all fell in love with larger-than-average cow steer, Knickers, who was saved from the slaughterhouse by virtue of being a big boy.


But as the New York Times accurately chastised: “If you thought Knickers was a once-in-a-lifetime giant, you may not be spending enough time with cattle.” Let me be the first to admit that I am guilty of neglecting my commitments to bovine engagement. And as other large cattle lumber forward to claim their fair share of the internet’s ardor, there’s no time like the present to spend more time looking at really big cows steers.

Meet Dozer, the giant Canadian Holstein a whole inch bigger than Knickers, though still not at big as Bellino, an Italian ox that stands six-foot, six-inches. Unlike Knickers, Dozer escaped the slaughterhouse by virtue of charm alone, according to People:

Raelle Schoenrock, Dozer’s caretaker at Kismet Creek Farm, met the steer thanks to a compassionate animal lover named Rebecca Hanuschuk. According to Schoenrock, Hanuschuk first met Dozer, then 6 months old, on a beef farm and fell in love with the animal. When it came time to send the steer to slaughter, his owner didn’t have the heart to say goodbye to the animal, so Hanuschuk saved up and bought Dozer, promising to give the steer a better life.

And though Dozer recently received treatment for some health issues related to being huge, caretakers say he’s recovering nicely. No word on whether the big steers might meet for a world tour.



Anybody else bothered that the image shows them using a flexible tape measure to measure this steer not at the peak of his withers? That is NOT how you measure livestock.