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You Tell Him, Katy

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As wildfires rage on both ends of California, forcing 250,000 from their homes, leaving nine dead and destroying thousands of homes and acres of land, our nation’s Estranged Stepfather in Chief, Donald Trump took to Twitter to blame it all on “mismanagement of the forests.” That’s not how fire works!


Anyway, Katy Perry was not having it, calling Trump’s response “heartless.” Katy Perry: adorable whipped cream bra wearer, voice of reason in pre-apocalyptic hellscape.


[Just Jared]

One of the properties damaged by the fire was the famous Bachelor mansion. The The lower house, which is used for production, has been destroyed and there’s been some damage to the back patio, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, Colton wasn’t there, so the show must have already moved into the “vacations in random places” part of filming.

The Westworld set, also known as The Paramount Ranch, was destroyed as well.

As the fires moved toward tony areas of Southern California, like Kardashian-riddled Calabasas and Malibu, celebrities evacuated their homes and took to Twitter to check in. Several outlets are reporting that Caitlyn Jenner’s house was among those destroyed.


Stay safe everyone!


[The Hollywood Reporter]

Now for a bit of good news: Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire is getting married to singer Teddy Geiger, to which I also say YES YES YES. Congrats, you two!


[Page Six]

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  • Gross flex, but okay. [Hollywood Life]

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Congressman Ted Lieu replied to the Asshole in Chief that, in fact, 98% of forest land in California is federally owned, and that Trump was the person who cut funding to the Forest Service, so any “mismanagement” lies on Trump’s head. Ted Lieu is the ultimate trump twitter troll. Also, the local news reported that James Woods actually did a non-asshole thing by retweeting Alyssa Milano’s plea for help and urging his followers to help her evacuate her horses if they could. Of course, some cretins replied with partisan political nonsense, to which Woods responded that this was above politics and about helping others in need. At least someone on the right recognizes that fire doesn’t give a fuck about your political leanings and is an equal opportunity destroyer. James Woods is still giant dick, but I’ll give him props for having some decency in this case.