You’re Making Britney Spears High

Image via Instagram.

Britney Spears needed to travel to Thailand for a performance in Bangkok, so she (like any great mom and friend) brought her family and some other loved ones to make a fun vacation out of it. In an Instagram video uploaded Wednesday, Spears shared that the experience has been an “incredible” one thus far while offering footage of herself:

  • cartwheeling at normal speed
  • jumping at normal speed
  • jumping in slow-motion
  • twirling at normal speed
  • reluctantly jumping into what looks like a resort’s swimming pool from an artificial cliff

In addition to the video of herself, Spears peppered the video with plenty of B-roll that helps set the scene, like footage of:

  • a fire
  • waves crashing onto the ocean
  • a beautiful sunset
  • an outdoor lounge

The video was set to Toni Braxton’s 1996 classic “You’re Makin’ Me High,” and its joy is contagious.


On Wednesday we shared the news that Kim and Kanye hired a surrogate to give birth to their third child due to the many risks Kim faces from ever becoming pregnant again, and today we have what People is reporting as the reason the two lovebirds decided to turn their family into a fivesome. A source (it’s fun to assume the source is always Kris Jenner) claims the reason is simple: Kim “really misses having a baby in the family.”

Not sure how they refer to 1-year-old Saint, but I guess that explanation is as good as any!


Ariel Winter is lol’ing at you, Star Magazine!


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Yetta Styles

Why would Ariel Winter need a PA? To help take her bikini Instagrams?

I’m just glad BritBrit is having a good time.

Guys, this morning I found a baby bat in my bathroom. He was not in good shape and I’m trying to nurse the little guy back to health.

This is my mom trying to make him drink some water. Also yes, I did catch a bunch of flies to feed him (didn’t work). What you can’t see here is that I put my Batman Begins DVD next to the box so he doesn’t feel lonely because I’m a dumb idiot. I named him Pitri.