You Look Hotter When You're Surrounded By Your Friends

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More importantly, you're probably also having a better time, and that's what really matters. But, you know, back to the looking attractive to other people thing because that's what's really most important.


The deal is, a new study found that people appear more attractive in group settings than they do alone. Crying in a corner. I added the crying in a corner part.

From The Date Report:

But why? Blame your brain, useless hunk of skull Jell-O that it is. When confronted by a group of people, your visual system creates “ensemble representations” that blend their features. We’re instinctively drawn to “average” faces, possibly because – in evolutionary terms – they indicate that a potential mate is not a horrifying mutant who crawled out of our nightmares. Lo and behold, the average group face your neurons have Photoshopped for you is more appealing than the group’s individual faces.

If you're looking to meet a new mate, you might as well bring along your mates. Besides, it's so much easier to judge a person's character by how they treat your friends. And the wait staff. Like, seriously, I don't care if boyfriend looks like Jesse Williams' hotter brother, you must abstain if he's a dick to your waiter.

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Kaykay says spring is here

Isn't there some kind of theory where people subconsciously tend to befriend others who are a similar level of attractiveness to them?

Or is that people tend to marry people that are a similar level of attractiveness to them?

I'm sure it was the friend thing though.