Dolly Parton is putting her California house on the market and it's a steal at 1.39 million. So if you've got that kind of cash laying around, you may want to head over to your nearest real estate agent and place a bid on this house, because this "whimiscally eclectic" (that sounds like a description of a Cirque show in Vegas) compound won't be on the market for long. Especially when you consider that it was the childhood home of Natalie Wood and includes the best paint job you've ever seen. Lavender bathroom and cushy seat coverings? Sign me right the fuck up to live in this glorified Barbie dream house. Keep doing you, Dolly. (Also, there is a beautiful garden that is also whimsically chaotic, but that's only if you like outside.) (I do not like outside so if you want to buy the house with me and take that part I would be cool with this.)

And just in case you didn't think Dolly was a visionary, check out the fact that the bedroom has a fridge. Why isn't everyone doing this? My aunt had a TV in her fridge and I used to be so jealous. And now you can own a home that has a fridge in the bedroom so you can take a nap while you wait for your pie to defrost? This is the wave of the future! (just ignore the toilet.)

More pictures can be seen here.

Images via Trulia

h/t: Smackofham for pointing out the amazing fridge.