You Could Cop Courtney Love's Wearable Lingerie Collection... Or You Could Just Thrift a Slip

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Courtney Love’s collaboration with Nasty Gal dropped today, and it is indeed, as promised, full of wearable lingerie and baby-dolls modeled after the ones Love wore in the 1990s. They’re cute and affordable, relatively speaking; one of the looks is almost identical to her quintessential “kinderwhore” ensembles, also reimagined in 2012 by English designers Meadham Kirchhoff. You could cop these! Or, you could just get a slip at a thrift, and wear it outside with some fishnets, like Courtney Love no doubt did herself.


Some of these are cute, though, and very functional if you happen to live nowhere near a good thrift, or live in a city where “vintage” costs a jillion dollars. The Malibu Satin Slipdress (above, left and middle, $88) has a slink and neckline similar to the one she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 1995—“it’s called ‘gorgeous lesbians in $20 dresses,” she said at the time—and the vampy Once and Destroy maxi (right, $168) has a glam cut and a leg slit du jour. I also feel like I could go to the nightie and camisole section at the Union Square Filene’s right now and find similar looks for less, but those would not be endorsed by Courtney Love.

Oh yeah, Courtney Love! The reason we’re all here. She chatted briefly with Nasty Gal about their collabo among trail of winsome bon mots in the form of pull quotes.

I haven’t put my name on much, and I wasn’t going to be in on it if wasn’t a real collaboration. And it was. We went through my closet and pulled out some really special pieces that I had saved. I always take vintage and re-adapt it, so I doodled on the original sketches, adding details like handcrafted, romantic, three-dimensional accents.

What was the initial inspo behind the collection?

The starting point was lingerie meets real world. We looked at some of my rock-star ’90s stuff and redid that in a more contemporary way. There are two dresses that are modernized from really famous ones I wore back in the day, done in fabrics that are so luxe. It’s such a cool collection: it feels new and slightly nostalgic at the same time.

The luxe fabrics are a great selling point, but Courtney taught me so much I know about shopping, and again, my first instinct is therefore to go thrift a slip. Love, Courtney is available now on Nasty Gal.

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