Yesssss: Lifetime Is Making ‘Flowers in the Attic’ Movie

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Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn have both signed on to star in Lifetime's TV movie adaptation of V.C. Andrews' bestselling novel that familiarized countless of adolescent girls with the beauty of "cerulean blue eyes" and fucking your brother.


Lifetime is really on a roll lately. Between this, the Dance Moms "Maniac" trailer, the Anna Nicole Smith biopic, the all-black Steel Magnolias remake, and broadcasting the death rattle of Lindsay Lohan's career, that network GETS IT. Or, at the very least, gets us. The execs there have really found that sweet spot of cheesy salaciousness and irreverent nostalgia that appeals to both middle America and appreciators of camp.

Flowers in the Attic—the story about four children who are locked away in their rich grandparents' and abused because of a deep, dark family secret, leading two of the kids to start having sex—will star Graham as the children's mother and Burstyn as their evil grandmother.

Lifetime Greenlights ‘Flowers In The Attic’ Movie With Heather Graham & Ellen Burstyn [Deadline]



Am I the only one who hasn't read this book? Is the potential embarrassment of people seeing me purchase and read this as a 29-yr old worth it?