Yes, You Can Buy the Clothes From Beyonce's New Video

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Love that awesome red sweater that Queen Bey wore in her 7/11 video? Think that you'll never find one just like it? Well, you are wrong, because the internet is happy to make more money off of you. You want sweaters? Friend, you can get both the sweater and the t-shirt. And the nail wraps. You are now Beyonce. Please lend me $200,000.


Spring, a mobile app that The Hollywood Reporter writes is loved by fashion insiders, is selling Beyonce's clothes from the video and the sweater and shirt are only 40 bucks each. That's basically a steal for the stories you can tell people by mentioning only the technical detail that the sweater was in Beyonce's video and omitting the important detail that yours is just a really nice replica that was reasonably priced.

Not that any of that should matter, though. Even if the clothes didn't come from the video, they'd still be adorable fashion pieces on their own. I don't know whether the term "fashion piece" is a real thing, but I have recently started buying clothing that costs more than $7.98 (goodbye, Alfani shirts) and refer to anything that costs more than $15 a "piece" because that is expensive.


Also: What is a nail wrap and can I put that on myself or do I have to go to the "day spa" at the mall?

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I don't need the clothes, but you can bet your sweet ass I just bought this mug. Needless to say, my work day just got a little more flawless.