Yes, a Gilmore Girls Movie Might Happen (Sadly, Rory Will Be In It)

There are only two things I want in life: A talking pet who dresses real cool and gives me important life advice, and a do-over of the last season of Gilmore Girls that completely wraps up the story while featuring numerous scenes of Kelly Bishop being sassy as Emily Gilmore. Also, Rory would be dead. At least one of those things might be happening.

According to Today, the cast of your favorite show about inappropriate mother-daughter relationships is open to reuniting for a movie. While Amy Sherman-Palladino, speaking on a panel at ATX, didn’t mention whether this reunion would involve Rory being viciously mauled by a bear after becoming a small-time news reporter in Alaska (and Paris stepping in to take her place—my ideal scenario all around), she did say that if the reunion was “honored in the right way” that a movie wouldn’t be out of the question.

While the cast’s reunion last weekend was a huge bit of excitement for many fans (including my brother, who almost had a panic attack on a studio tour when he realized that the Pretty Little Liars set was also Stars Hollow), Melissa McCarthy was conspicuously absent, making fans (me) wonder whether she’d be all in for a movie in the same way that Scott Patterson (Luke) and Lauren Graham (Lorelai) claim to be. And what would a return to Stars Hollow be without Sookie St. James? Who cares about Dean? Give me Michel, Ms. Patti, and Babette any day!


According to Glamour, Melissa McCarthy is curious about what a reunion film might look like, but says she’s not currently “doing anything with it.” Maybe she’ll change her mind if it’s green-lit?

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(Sadly, Rory Will Be In It)

Sadly Richard Gilmore won’t be in it