Today, Oprah focused on the earthquake and subsequent devastation in Haiti. Wyclef—who traveled to the country to help with the relief effort—tried to explain the smell in Port-au-Prince, then defended his Haitian foundation Yéle.

Wyclef, who was born in Haiti, immediately flew to Port-au-Prince after the earthquake to help pull bodies out of the rubble (one of whom was his own friend, who died after being crushed by a collapsed building). Through tears, he talked about the resilience of the Haitian people.

Later, Oprah asked Wyclef about his foundation YĂ©le, which has raised millions of dollars since last week's earthquake and has since come under fire over questionable operations (like not paying taxes) and mismanaging funds. Wyclef insists that he has never spent any YĂ©le money on his own personal expenses, and that as the foundation has grown from an "ant into Godzilla" in the past week, he's working on getting the right people to manage the assets.