A fun fact from Tom and Martha’s exchange, which includes the above photo of the two of them posed casually at the entrance to Martha’s former and Tom’s current balcony that I’m considering purchasing a print of that I will then get framed for my home: Martha paid $125 a month for the one bedroom penthouse in the early ’60s. Also a good sign for their compatibility is the way Martha insults Tom without him even noticing, as she discusses the renovation he did to the place:

MS: That apartment was very beautiful and light-filled and airy — and all white, the way it was meant to be. Now it’s much more enclosed and dark! ... It’s not my style anymore. I was a little taken aback.

TD: Martha baked me a beautiful apple pie with apples she had picked on her own farm, so we had coffee and pie together and spent an afternoon talking. She said the apartment was totally different and remarked what a wonderful renovation.

MS: I knew Tom was on The Real Housewives [of New York City]. That’s not my cup of tea, but I know some of the housewives. I think he liked the fact that I brought him an apple pie. He still hasn’t returned my dish, though.


Oh. My. God. This would not be the first time Martha has insulted the Real Housewives of New York; she once even did it to Luann’s face. Also auspicious for them: Tom loves blondes. It’s love!