Would You Let This Robot 'Gynecologist' Operate On You?

Photo of the future via AP

The future is here, folks, and it is this da Vinci robot that has just been cleared to make the unpleasant task of gynecological procedures a whole lot better.

DNA Info reports that Elmhurst Hospital in New York will become the first public hospital to use the da Vinci for “non-invasive gynecological procedures.” The way it works is simple enough: the ‘bot lets doctors make tiny incisions to perform the surgeries, while using “robotic extensions” that provide a high-definition 3-D view of what’s going on inside the body. Never fear: the doctor isn’t in the room and this lil’ friend is left to do its thing. The robot is controlled by the doctor via hand and foot controls that are attached to the robotic arms, kind of like a giant but also more precise version of one of those claw machines that you could never, ever master as a child.


Good news for science and good news for women’s health. Robotic surgery is much less invasive and easier on the patient than traditional surgery.

“Robotic surgery has several important benefits, including faster recovery times and less blood loss,” Dr. Barry Brown, Elmhurst’s Director of OB/GYN Services, said in a statement.

“Women who in the past would have been hospitalized for a week are now able to go home in a day.”

The da Vinci will be used to remove benign and cancerous uterine tumors and also to work on “pelvic issues.” In addition to be cool as hell, the use of the da Vinci will reduce both the risk of infection and pain for patients after the surgery is complete.

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