Would You Let A Ladymag Pick Out A Man For You?

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In addition to their customary duties, Glamour editors are now going to find you a man, with the help of Match.com. And you can select potential choices from sure-to-be-sexy categories like "foxy bohemian" and "adventure seeker"!


It turns out that 70% of visitors to Glamour.com are single or divorced. (Wonder what the number is for the magazine?) It also turns out traditional magazine advertising isn't doing that well. So Glamour is teaming up with Match.com for a Matchmaker.


The tagline is, "And you thought your mother was picky." Cute, but... a little terrifying?

Basically, Glamour staffers are going edit men the way they edit accessories. Here's how The Wall Street Journal describes it:

Glamour staffers will decide on personality types and pre-set qualifications for each, then use Match.com's sorting technology to funnel men already on Match.com to the site. Foxy bohemians, for example, would have jobs in the arts, though executives from Glamour and Match are still hashing out the details before the site's launch, planned for mid-July.

Shopping for a man: Just like shopping for a bathing suit.

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What if I want a bohemian fox instead?