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Would You Have Sex With Robin Thicke?

Illustration for article titled Would You Have Sex With Robin Thicke?

Welcome to Would U?, an academic forum in which I share my gross crush of the week and ask if you, too, would bang that person.


Hey there! Would you have sex with Robin Thicke, son of Alan Thicke?

Would you block an aisle on a plane in order to tongue-wrestle with your sex partner, the 38-year-old Robin Thicke? At least one 20-year-old named April Love Geary would, so I don’t really see what the big deal is!


Would you make love to Robin Thicke on the beach? Would you make love to Robin Thicke in a car? Would you make love to Robin Thicke in his empty apartment on a pile of crushed up Vicodin and pictures of Paula Patton from their wedding day?

Every vote counts!

On last week’s edition of Would U?, we asked: Would you have sex with Richard Branson? 36.5% of you answered “No, literally never,” 16% said “Yes, but only if he sends me to space afterwards,” 13% said “Yes, if he seduced me with a head-massage first,” 13% said “Yes, and again and again, for all eternity!”, 11% said “Yes, so I could tell my friends I had sex with Richard Branson, and 10% said “Maybe, if we were closer in age.” In total, 53% of Jezebel readers would have sex with Richard Branson.


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Mark Shrayber

If I check “I know I DON’T want it, HAHAHA U FEEL ME?” isn’t it the same as checking yes? Or did I listen to that song incorrectly?