Worst Boyfriend Ever Plans Cruel Prank Proposal

Say you're in a relationship and your girlfriend is looking for a job. Do you A) Support her in her search and send along leads? B) Be there for her but recognize that this is something she must do one her own. Or C) Let her spend weeks preparing for an interview that's a hoax?


If you chose C, you may get along with Peter Ntephe a man who hired a team of proposal planners (this is a thing, yes) to surprise his girlfriend by faking a job interview. But that's not all, love fans! Ntephe actually spent weeks preparing for the interview with girlfriend Marie Akendengue, even drilling her on questions and making sure she knew exactly what she was going to say. Instead of the job, however, Akendengue was going to get something much, much better: A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL THAT WOULD MAKE THIS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF HER LIFE BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY THING WOMEN WANT ANYWAY AND FUCK ALL OF YOUR PREPARATIONS FOR AN ACTUAL JOB INTERVIEW?

I apologize if I sound a little heated, but, frankly, this is bullshit. You want to ask someone to marry you? Just do it! Maybe in a way that's not narcissistic and doesn't make you the center of attention? And maybe in a way that doesn't belittle your partner's job search? I know that if I were looking for a job (which I am not because I have three) and my partner surprised me with a marriage proposal in the middle of an interview that I'd spent time preparing for, I would probably find it insulting and throw a ukulele at him (because the job would be at a ukulele factory, okay?) and then never talk to him again, maybe.

According to The Daily Mail, which had exclusive rights to this painfully bad idea, Akendengue said yes (and you can see the entire thing in the clip above) and now the couple is happily on their way to getting married. OR, and this is what I am hoping, Akendengue changed her mind as soon as the cameras stopped rolling and threw a tiny ukulele at her betrothed. Listen, I'm not getting off this ukulele thing and you can't hold me down, okay?

Best wishes to the happy couple?


The Nightmare Before Pizza

Why can't people just fucking have an adult conversation about marriage instead of making into an ordeal of publicly humiliating your girlfriend in an attempt to make a viral video? If you are worried she might say 'no' unless you coerce her in a public forum, you shouldn't get married (to anyone, ever). If you find it too difficult to have said adult conversation about commitment, sleep farting, and joint bank accounts, you shouldn't get married. If you feel the urge to make a 'viral' wedding proposal video so everyone will think you're so cool just do the following: take a selfie in your car or bathroom like everyone else and upload it to your instatwitbook for validation and recognition like other people. Wow, coolness achieved. Go you! In the mean time, make viral videos that everyone can enjoy, like something with a cat — and handle your relationships with respect. Jeeze.