World's Worst Wedding Guest Publishes Bitchy Live Blog of Subpar Nuptials

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Not everyone’s going to love your wedding, but most people have the decency to bad-mouth your ugly flowers, ugly dress, or horrible food politely behind your back, from the safety of their own homes. The internet makes that so difficult, though, especially if you’re a popular beauty blogger who has to produce for her public. So what do you do? Tear down the fucking wedding while it’s happening, of course! (Wait, there are other options?)


Meet Juli ‘Bun Bun,’ a popular Singaporean make-up blogger whose main claim to fame is a series of shocking photos she posted after receiving a horrendous skin treatment. She’s been blogging so long that you could call her an expert, but she’s turned off many of her fans—and the internet—by passing judgment on a wedding she recently attended, skewering everything from the food and decorations to how the bride and groom looked. You know how people say a bride is the most beautiful person in the room on her wedding day? Well, Bun Bun didn’t think this particular bride (marrying Bun Bun’s husband’s friend) was glowing. In fact, Bun Bun was a little embarrassed because she seemed to be getting most of the attention, especially when the bridal car rolled up. Yes, Bun Bun alleges that people were looking at how great she looked instead of the bride!

Regardless of whether that’s true—no—that’s just something you don’t do. And especially something you don’t do if you’re a popular blogger whose work will be seen. And especially if you’re a guest. But Bun Bun didn’t really think about that. Her defense? She was “worried sick” about how the day was turning out.

Here’s an excerpt that proves exactly just how worried she was, via The New York Daily News:

Commenting on the bride’s gown and “crowded” tiara-laden hair, Juli wrote “The bride was struggling with her gown the whole time. She’s short like me, but was drowning in her gown coz her bridal shop didn’t alter the length for her. I don’t know if she didn’t mind, or they didn’t bother, or refused to.”

Oh, and:

Image for article titled World's Worst Wedding Guest Publishes Bitchy Live Blog of Subpar Nuptials
Image for article titled World's Worst Wedding Guest Publishes Bitchy Live Blog of Subpar Nuptials

It’s not like Bun Bun is hard to please; she wrote that her expectations were “high” but not like “sky high.” Nevertheless, the bridal car was ugly, the food was just “all right,” and even though the wedding apparently sucked so hard that Bun Bun had to tear it apart while it was happening, she also lamented the fact that it ended before 10pm, which is way too early for a traditional Chinese wedding. God! These people! How dare they have the wedding they want/can afford/invited people to come to under the misguided notion that their guests cared about them? Just how dare they?


While some people thought the whole thing was hilarious, Bun Bun deleted her posts after she received backlash from readers who pointed out how hurt the bride and groom would be to read what she’d written. But before Bun Bun could delete her critique because she was afraid that the posts would be “taken out of context,” her posts blew up on the internet. By now, it’s inevitable that the bride and groom have seen their wedding lampooned by an ungrateful guest. But that’s cool: according to Metro, Bun Bun prefaced her cruelty by letting readers know she wasn’t really acquainted with the happy couple.

And that brings us to an important question:

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No because that would be my crazy Aunt who did the following:

  1. had her youngest 8 year old daughter call me up and ask to be my flower girl even though I already had one (I could literally hear her coaching her, whispering to her in the background)
  2. tried to change the flower girl dress colors and style (thank god the shop called) without my knowledge on two separate occasions
  3. hasn’t spoken to my mom (her sister) in years, didn’t the whole freaking wedding but did badmouth her to all her friends.
  4. showed up to a destination wedding without a place to stay, made my mother (WHO SHE WON’T SPEAK TO) find her a last minute place on my parents’ dime (her husbands an oncologist, it was just bitchiness)
  5. got super drunk on the fishing trip for the groomsman which she invited herself to and flirted shamelessly with one of them until she vomited on him and all over the boat.
  6. flew her crazy, estranged and uninvited 19 year-old daughter up from FL who proceeded to flash the assembled guests (butt cheeks, lime green bandage dress) repeatedly, get wasted and corner me and my cousins repeatedly to ask about my grandfather’s estate during the reception, and make out with her cousin, my brother afterweards. Oh and my dad and two uncles had to form a search team to find her the next morning, passed out in the dunes, so she wouldn’t miss her flight.
  7. legit started a campaign where she wanted me stop the wedding ceremony so she could plant a tree in my recently deceased grandfather’s honor (she wanted the guests to get up, move to a different location, come back to finish ceremony). Only some sly maneuvering on my part put the kibosh on this.
  8. insisted her son be a last minute ring bearer as well
  9. WALKED UP THE AISLE RIGHT BEFORE ME. She claimed she had to grab her son (who was fine and quiet) but it was just a blatant attention grab.

So yep, that is it. She is a freaking crazy person and I find myself oddly fascinated by her.