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Woody Allen's Lawyer Speaks Out on Today

Woody Allen's lawyer appeared on Today this morning to address the renewed allegations that the writer/director had molested his 7-year-old daughter Dylan Farrow 21 years ago. "In my view, she's not lying," Elkan Abramowitz said. "She's truly believes this happened."


Abramowitz's appearance on Today is the closest thing anyone will get to a response from the notoriously media-shy Allen with regards to the open letter Dylan Farrow penned in The New York Times this weekend.


"[Allen's] reaction is one of overwhelming sadness," his lawyer, adding that the idea that Dylan was molested was "implanted." He went on to reassert Allen's innocence:

"The charges were brought to the Connecticut State Police. The state police got the sex abuse clinic at Yale-New Haven, a nationally recognized group, to investigate those charges. They determined, after a six-month inquiry not only that it didn't happen, but that Dylan was coached by her mother. And that's important, because everybody always talks about the presumption of innocence—he IS innocent."

No one from the Farrow camp has responded to Abramowitz's interview, but perhaps in anticipation of it, Mia Farrow tweeted in early hours of the morning on Tuesday:

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I notice he completely leaves out the investigation done by people who were not paid by Woody Allen who came to a very different conclusion. Shocking.