Woodstock 50 Sounds Like a Mess

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Festival disasters are very trendy right now, so if you look at in terms of being an incredibly public hot mess, Woodstock 50 is already a triumph!


Festival organizers of the maybe canceled Woodstock revival, which might feature Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z if it does happen, filed an $18 million lawsuit against former finance partner, the Dentsu Aegis Network. While festival organizers say Dentsu Aegis took money from the festival, a rep for the company’s investment operation claims that the Woodstock reboot is actually a Fyre Fest sequel and the financer was just trying to get out while it could:

“As financial partner, we had the customary rights one would expect to protect a large investment. After we exercised our contractual right to take over, and subsequently, cancel the festival, we simply recovered the funds in the festival bank account, funds which we originally put in as financial partner. Further, tickets cannot go on sale for an event prior to obtaining a mass gathering permit, which has still not been granted. Beyond that we stand by our original statement that we made last week.”

If a Dentsu attorney’s claims are accurate, all systems are go for a bunch of Instagrams featuring sad-looking cheese sandwiches, since organizers supposedly have no permits, production company, or money:

“But Woodstock 50 LLC’s and Michael Lang’s misrepresentations, incompetence, and contractual breaches have made it impossible to produce a high-quality event that is safe and secure for concertgoers, artists, and staff. The production company has quit, no permits have been issued, necessary roadwork has not begun, and there is no prospect for sufficient financing. As much as the parties might wish it otherwise, the festival contemplated by their agreement cannot happen and allowing it to go forward would only put the public at risk. The injunction sought by W50, even if there were a legal basis for it, cannot change that.”

A judge has adjourned without deciding the case and says he will make a ruling within 20-36 hours, according to Variety.


banjo cat ghost of oppo past

I heard from Watkins Glen locals that urbody including the Schuyler County old farts who control everything freaked out once they announced hip hop acts. They cut the permitted max attendance from a NASCAR range of 100,000 to just 70k, axed the single day tickets and the ability to leave the venue...can’t have thugs and millennials roaming around their idylic lake town as if they were blackout NASCAR fans. Any one of those would drive up ticket price and put a dent in attendance. Then they dragged their feet on that aforementioned gathering permit.

They pulled similar bullshittery at last year’s cancelled Phish concert. Even though the county said they could not guarantee the water was safe to drink after heavy rains, Phish offered to truck in water on their own dime to save the concert. They waited until the last minute, when tens of thousands of hippies had already set up their camping gear and spent tons of money on supplies in town, when Phish were on stage moments away from playing a surprise set...to tell them nah pack your shit up. Thanks for the extra lil economy boost now fuckoff.

When Nascar or a handful of other rich old farts from some other racing series come to town they’re more than happy to deal with the standstill traffic and multiple DWI’s. If you’ve ever been to a race up there it is an absolute shitshow. As if the world ended and everyone decided to throw a field party, much like the old Preakness when they still allowed BYOB.

I think a far secondary problem was the Woodstock 50 lineup. I would enjoy Miley Cyrus(with The Flaming Lips), certainly Jay Z...probly a bit more like 12 years ago. However almost everyone else they threw out in the delayed lineup reminded me of the soundtrack from a commercial hucking vitamin water or some crossover SUV-that one kinda catchy song from that band I would never pay money to see. As if the Japanese Ad agency just ran an algorithm cross referencing maximum youtube views with influencer age groups. Then you had that douche canoe Mike Lang selling his legend as THE original woodstock promoter (forget ‘94 &’99) while trashing all the other modern, successful music festivals-guaranteeing those promoters would tell him to Fuckoff after Dentsu Aegis pulled out.

The legend of Fyre fest and success of those documentaries probably weighed heavily on Dentsu. My guess is they noped the fuck out after #woodstock50 and #fyrefest were starting to trend together. ...and I had friends try tell me “When you think about it, like, $600 for a ticket kinda makes sense...” PFFFFF

The most unfortunate thing to come of this is the Bethel Grove tribute concert (the original Woodstock location) purposefully scaled down their event on the same weekend because everyone thought this would be so big.