Wonder Woman's Woman Director Has Already Dropped Out of Production

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Michelle MaClaren has left the big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman amidst mysterious circumstances. This would have been her first big feature (she’s directed episodes of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad in the past), but she’s cited “creative differences” as the reason for her departure.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that Maclaren had been chosen from a short list of female directors when both DC and Warner Brothers decided they wanted a woman to direct the film, which is set to premiere in 2017. While there hasn’t yet been a change to the schedule, there is speculation that a man might take over the production. What’s even more interesting is that the last time a woman was chosen to direct a blockbuster super hero film, her reasons for an early departure were the same as MaClaren’s, as The Daily Dot writes:

“Creative differences,” by the way, was the same explanation used when Patty Jenkins left Thor: The Dark World in 2011; the last time a woman got anywhere near the director’s chair of a superhero movie.


According to THR, Maclaren had a big part in developing the script for the film and her departure is raising the question of whether women are “welcome in the world of high stakes, superhero movies.”

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Didn’t Patty Jenkins also leave the production of the second Thor over “creative differences?” That sounds like some bullshit to me. Women with firm opinions and creative visions are simply not welcome.

eta: That’s the problem with hiring a director when you don’t yet have a script written. They wanted to cash in on the woman director idea right quick, and then expected her to go along with their creative decisions after the fact.