Women Who've Had Weight-Loss Surgery Get Laid a Ton More

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Female bariatric surgery patients are reaping more than just the physical health-related benefits of weight loss. According to a new study, women who've had gastric bypass or Lap-Band surgery not only reported better sexual functioning, blood tests showed they had an improvement in reproductive hormone levels.


For the study, which was published in JAMA Surgery, researchers examined 106 women who had undergone bariatric surgery, tracking their progress since 2005. The women—who'd lost an average of about 65% of their original body weight within the first two years following surgery—were asked to fill out surveys about their sex lives and their blood was taken to test hormone levels.

Two years after the surgery, women said they had improvements in their overall sexual functioning, and improvements in arousal, lubrication, desires and satisfaction.

They also said they had better quality of life in most categories, better body image and fewer depressive symptoms just one year out of surgery, with the positive changes persisting through the second year.


So while the women's sexual satisfaction could be attributed in part to a confidence boost from having a better body image, there's also an internal change, as blood tests showed they "experienced significant improvements from year 1 to year 2 in total testosterone and follicle-stimulating hormone levels."

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All Corgis All the Time


I have a IRL old acquaintance who lost 150-ish pounds. She posts photos of herself every couple of weeks, showing off her fabulous body and her forming muscles. She's very happy and pleased and has clearly worked very hard to get into an exercise regime.

There is a but, however.

Whenever people ask her how she managed to lose all of this weight in the span of a year and a bit more, she tells them healthy eating, lifestyle changes, and walking her dog. Which is all great advice. Except that she leaves out having her stomach stapled shut and can only eat 900 calories a day STILL a year later and has to take a liquid vitamin shake because she's unable to eat nearly enough to keep her healthy without all of the medications.

But hey! You can, too, lose 150 pounds in a year! I just wish she was honest. It doesn't take away from her accomplishments in developing a healthy lifestyle, and it's been easier for her now that she weighs less. But she's quick to tell people "just start jogging", forgetting that when she was 300 pounds, she couldn't "just start jogging" either.

/end rant

I needed to get that off my chest