Woman Voter Says Women Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote

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Janis Lane, the lady leader of the Central Mississippi Tea Party thinks that women shouldn't be allowed to cast a ballot this (or any) election. In something that's akin to hamsters eating their young, Lane has turned on her own kind, and is practicing a brand of self-hatred that you just don't see many people admitting to these days. Well, unless you're in the tea party, and then pretty much all you do is try to make things harder for yourself and people like you. Ahhh, it's all coming together.

There is nothing worse than a bunch of mean, hateful women," she says. "They are diabolical in how than can skewer a person. I do not see that in men."


Are the only women she knows the three witches from MacBeth? Even my own evil grandmother, who believed that the value of her house would decline when Oprah moved into the neighborhood and is therefore a bigot idiot GOD REST HER SOUL, would think that this woman is a bigot idiot. There's only three possible explanations for her behavior:

1) A woman killed her mom or didn't want to go to the prom with her. Something bad.
2) She's a reincarnated male victim of the Titanic who's seeking revenge on the women and children who took his rightful spot.
3) She has a parasitic infestation that's taken over her body, and those parasites are a bunch of misogynistic dicks.

Or maybe all three? Weirder things have happened! Like, you know, a woman thinking she shouldn't have a voice.

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The reason people tend to think of women as 'meaner' than men is that they think of women as gendered and men as people. Hitler? Mengele? Eichmann? Stalin? Pol Pot? These are all just "bad people." I rarely hear them submitted as examples of heinous /male/ people. Not that they necessarily should be. The culprit of the bullshittery is that women are viewed as gendered derivations of men, and men are the non-gendered people.