Woman Suspected of Giving Husband's IV A Fecal Injection

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A Chandler, Arizona woman was arrested after hospital staff caught her injecting syringes full of fecal matter into the IV of her husband, who was recovering from surgery.


When workers responded to an alarm call on the victim's monitoring machines, they discovered his wife, Rosemary Vogel, manipulating his IV (which is a huge no-no in general. I was in the hospital once and my mom tried to move my IV out of her way so she could see me better and got a huge talking-to by the nurse). Caught red-handed (brown-fingered?) Vogel tried to flush her husband's line into the wastebasket but a nurse intervened.

Lab tests confirmed that the matter injected into the line was of a fecal nature (although it is not clear whose poop it was), but the lab tests were probably also not needed because it was discovered that besides the usual crackers and magazines you find in the purse of anyone going into the hospital to wait for their friends or loved ones to recover, there were also two full syringes of excrement and one syringe that had been emptied but still contained trace elements of the—what is another word for POOP?—poop.

Police were called to the scene and Vogel was arrested for aggravated assault, which was upgraded to attempted 1st degree murder when the syringes were found. Authorities have not identified a motive at this time, although I would not recommend that Vogel use the "I just wanted to see what would happen, you guys!" defense in court.

The victim is recovering and is expected to live. Although probably not with Vogel.


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