Here's Amber of The Dirty Girls documentary fame getting surprised when she sees the SOUR GRRRL zine she and some friends made in 1996. It's pretty wonderful, and also hits fairly close to home if you made a zine about being a girl in the 90s. (Or ever.)


Uh, should we all find and scan our zines now for public consumption? Or would you rather die? Coin toss.


[via World of Wonder]

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I didn't make a zine in high school because I was way too mainstream, but I did recently go back and read my journal from junior high, and OH THE HILARITY. I wish I could go back in time and tell Wee Little Ginger that it doesn't matter that she and Natalie (the most popular girl in 7th grade) wore the same Express shirt to the 7th grade dance. And also that the boy she likes is stupid and grows up to be one of those bizarre upper-midwesterners who puts a confederate flag on his pick-up, gets married at 19, and declares himself a redneck. Not worth it, girl, I'd say. And Wee Little Ginger would not listen. Twas ever thus.