Woman Posts Winning Ticket Selfie on Facebook, Someone Else Cashes It In

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Here’s a gentle reminder that the strangers you add on Facebook aren’t really your friends, no matter how many times they like your photos: An Australian woman is out nearly $900 after she posted a photo of herself with a winning horse race ticket and one of her electronic buddies took it upon themselves to claim the prize for themselves.

Mashable reports that the woman, identified only by the name Chantelle, won big after she bet on a horse named Prince of Penzance (who names horses? I would like that job), which had a very slim chance of winning anything at the Melbourne Cup. Its odds of winning, in fact, were 100-1. But Chantelle took a gamble and dropped approximately $20 on the pony, which rewarded her with mass quantities. That’s when she should have quit, but Chantelle was too excited not to post the entire winning ticket on Facebook, complete with the barcode that would allow someone to cash out her new fortune. Of course, someone did. This is the internet.

Chantelle doesn’t yet have any idea which of her friends decided to take her money, but police have tracked down where the ticket was claimed and, according to Mashable, are pretty sure they can also track down the person who took the money. The grief-stricken winner was given the original amount she bet back by a radio station, which should help her out somewhat, but she’s got a few words for whoever took her cash:

“To the low life who is obviously my friend on Facebook and used my photo to claim our winnings. You’re a massive dick. You ruined my day,” she wrote on Facebook.


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Reminds me of that time someone posted a giant wad of cash they had and said they were at home, prompting some burglars to come over and steal it a little while later.