Tamara is 33-years-old and "addicted" to carrying around a pillow—which she named Boo—she bought in 1982 at an antique shop. It has never been washed, and is obviously soiled, although she swears it's not "stinky." Featured on last night's My Strange Addiction, Tamara's friends, family, and fiancé are all concerned about her attachment to her pillow, and say that it's ruining her relationships with them. She carries the pillow everywhere—to the gym, on long walks, the hair salon, and even puts it in the baby seat of her shopping cart at the grocery store. Her "addiction" to her pillow deepened when she was molested at the age of 7, and instead of going to therapy to deal with those wounds, she has found comfort in Boo. Her fiancé found it such an issue that the couple called off their engagement because of the pillow. By the end of the episode, she was still very much attached to Boo, although working on her relationship with her fiancé.

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