Woman Gives Birth to 15 Pound Kid via Vaginal Delivery, God Bless Her

In Gloucestershire, England, Jade Packer recently gave birth to a baby boy who weighs 15lb 7oz. It was a vaginal delivery, and because the boy was so big, his shoulders got stuck on the way out, and he was oxygen deprived for ten minutes. Miraculously, he made it out okay and six weeks later, he's at home with his loving parents.

Interestingly, both of the parents were average-sized babies, and even though he was 15 days late, apparently the doctors still didn't expect he'd be so big. Perhaps this is ignorant, but isn't there a way for hospitals to know how big a baby's gonna be? At least a ballpark figure? Bigger than a breadbox, etc.? Should the birth have been scheduled as a c-section? Seriously, how does this work?


Understandably, Packer says she's been "put off" having any more babies for awhile. No shit.


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