Woman Faces Life in Prison for Tossing Husband's Penis in Garbage Disposal

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Catherine Kieu faces felony charges of torture and aggravated mayhem after she allegedly severed her husband's penis with a 10-inch knife and then throwing it in the garbage disposal. If found guilty, she could receive life in prison.


Kieu, 50, allegedly laced her husband's dinner with Ambien, and as he slept, she allegedly used rope to tie his arms and legs to the bed and cut his penis off before mutilating it in the garbage disposal. (The penis could not be reattached during emergency surgery.)

According to reports, the trial is "very sexually explicit." And while the jury is made up mostly of women, the male jurors were "visibly cringing" when the incident was described.


Kieu's lawyer's opening statements described her sad and troubled past, suggesting that it could explain her actions. Her mother died when she was five, and then she was allegedly raped when she was six years old. It was also alleged that Kieu's husband—whose name has not been released—"forced her to have sex with him" (we're pretty sure you call that "rape") and wanted a divorce after supposedly cheating on her. Immediately following the incident, Kieu told police that her husband "deserved it."

Her lawyer said that Kieu severed her husband's penis because "she wanted him to stop hurting her with it."

Woman faces life in prison for allegedly severing husband's penis [LA Times]

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I know a woman who suffered multiple stab wounds in the vag, at the hands of her ex. Ladybits totally ruined. The sentence her ex received? 3 years.

I know another woman who was "attacked down there with a knife". I don't know the exact details because she didn't share them, and who can blame her. Her attacker also received a ridiculously short sentence.

I'm all in favor of people being punished for mutilating others, but lets get some consistency, please. Lorena Bobbit is a household name - a woman does something terrible to a man's genitals, and it makes the news. Vice versa, and it's just another day under the patriarchy.

It makes me sick.