Woman Catches Cheating Boyfriend With Help of Three of His Mistresses

Player Gets Played is a new show on Oxygen that’s taking a lot of cues from The Other Woman (starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton as The Other Women). In it, cheating partners are confronted not only by their current main flame but also by the people they’re cheating with. This week, three women confront a guy who told them they were the only one.


According to the New York Post, the cheating on the show is discovered via “social media sleuthing” performed both by a “social media investigator” which is apparently a real job that, if I’m correct, consists of stalking people on Facebook. Sign me right the fuck up for that one. Is there an employment agent I can call?

From the Post:

[Fatiah] Rebbekkah didn’t know that her boyfriend, Justin Matias (also from Brooklyn) was seeing other women. But when he started spending only one or two days a week with her, she knew the 25-year-old music producer she loved wasn’t everywhere he said he was.

What tipped Rebbekkah off to Matias’ shenanigans were his responses to women’s comments. “At first, I didn’t mind women commenting on his [social media networks],” says Rebbekkah. “But after a while, he was too quick to respond — and it was the same girls all the time commenting.”

And then she got a forensics report—a forensics report—to confirm her partner’s shady ways. But this dude wasn’t just flirting, he was dating three other women at the same time. He’s certainly not dating them anymore, and while the women probably aren’t best friends, Rebekkah claims that she didn’t get the toxic reaction she was expecting from Matias’ other girlfriends. And that’s what Oxygen’s trying to do—help the cheater’s victims find “common ground” and move on to a better quality partner.

While Rebekkah’s confrontation seems to go well, other women on the show are not so fortunate:

Matias is promoting the episode to gain new fans on social media. Guess he hasn’t learned his lesson there.

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I’ve really got to think that if you’ve got four relationships going at once that when you get busted, you’re at least a little relieved.