Willow Smith and Her Fake Accent Have a Blast in ‘Summer Fling’ Video

Don't let the fact that Willow Smith is only 12 years old and creating dreamy summer pop songs get you down. Just remember, we old crones have our adult acne to keep us company while we eat our feelings and knit scarflets for our friend's cats. Success takes all forms!


This week in "Kids Making You Feel Hella Old", the enterprising pre-teen teamed up with a DJ called MVSIC to form Melodic Chaotic, and "Summer Fling" is the result. The lyrics to the light summer jam are as basic as they come — "I got long hair and then short sides" is my favorite favorite — and that's why they're so great. It's just kids being kids — flirting, acting goofy, hanging out with older brothers and their cool friends with tattoos.

Let's all play it really loudly and sing along in fake English accents.

[via Vulture]


No, Willow, no!! No matter how many times an American says "cheers", "bloody", "tosser" or "mobile phone", we still know you're faking it. It's as obvious as a Home Counties girl like me trying to do an impression of Janice from Friends.

One of my best friends lived in Australia for four years as a kid (age 7-11) and came back with a proper Australian accent. Watching it fade over the course of a year back to the Queen's English was fascinating. The first Aussieism she gave up was saying "thong" instead of "flip-flop", although it may have been due to my mother's horrified reaction rather than a natural progression.