Will and Kate Are Getting a Documentary Series on Reelz

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As of April, Will & Kate (TM) have been married five years. How the time flies! And us plebes can celebrate their anniversary by settling down to watch a four-part documentary series on their relationship.


The happy couple will presumably mark the occasion by eating takeout pizza off kitschy commemorative memorabilia from their wedding and teaching George to say “Bow before your ruler, cretins.”

The news comes according to Racked. “Interviews with royal insiders” are promised. The announcement explains:

William and Kate: The Journey is an inside look at the most talked about couples of the millennium: Prince William, future King of the United Kingdom and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge from Berkshire. From the grounds of St Andrews University in Scotland to the glamorous Swiss slopes where they shared their first public kiss, to the day that captured the nation’s heart at Westminster Abbey and through to the births of Price George and Princess Charlotte, William and Kate: The Journey relives these momentous milestones and will provide unique insight into one of the greatest love stories of the century.

Reelz, a basic cable channel probably most familiar to retirees, teens on summer vacation, and the very, very stoned, has previously gotten attention for snapping up The Kennedys after it got dropped from the History Channel and the Miss America pageant after it got dropped from NBC.

April 18. Mark your calendars. Not like you’ve got anything better to do on a Monday night than get baked as hell and watch this.

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Speaking of watching, who has seen Our Queen at 90? It was precious. I could not be more obsessed with the royal family.