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Why It's Important For 9-Year-Old Girls To Be "Sexy"

Illustration for article titled Why Its Important For 9-Year-Old Girls To Be Sexy

On last night's episode of Dance Moms, studio owner Abby Lee decided that in order to win competitions, her 8- and 9-year-old students needed to wear "skimpier" outfits and do a more "scandalous dance." Or as she told one little girl, "You have to be really hot. Sexy. Make it like you're 17 years old." Dressing the girls in lamé booty shorts and bras with thigh highs (and having their mothers paint abs on their stomachs) Abby insisted that this was the only way for the girls to win first place. However, they didn't win any trophies, presumably because the judges found their routine and costumes age inappropriate.

Some of the moms were voicing their complaints—based on the costumes alone—before even arriving at the competition, but after being horrified by the routine (in which the little girls were smacking their asses and spreading their legs open, suggestively), they confronted Abby, who told them that there wasn't a problem with age inappropriateness because the 8 and 9 year old liked the costumes and routine. Because anytime a child thinks that something is a good idea, then it must be right. She went on to say that parents who open their mouths end up "ruining" their children.

Here's the routine so you can judge for yourself. The girls get down and spread their thighs exactly like Jade in the "Don't Walk Away" video when they sing, "If I let you come inside…"


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Kat Callahan

I wouldn't find this attractive if it was seventeen year olds. I probably wouldn't find this attractive if it was TWENTY-SEVEN year olds. If it was my girlfriend, in our bedroom, that might be something else entirely, but I don't think this routine is really that entertaining or sexually arousing (independent of the fact they're EIGHT or NINE, I mean). But then, I don't like strip clubs, never saw the point.

The intent here is clearly to make children into sex objects, and I am frankly surprised the judges even let them finish. If I had been on that panel of judges, I would have cued the music to stop and asked them to leave, and then addressed the audience. The judges are morally culpable because they just let it happen. Marking them down isn't enough.