Why Does Lindsay Lohan Sound Like an Old Lady With Emphysema?

Liz and Dick, the TV movie that was supposed to relaunch Lindsay Lohan's career may have actually been the final nail in its coffin. What really stood out about her universally-panned performance was her inability to cover up her hoarse, raspy voice. Taylor never sounded like that—not even after seven decades worth of prescription drug addiction, alcoholism, and hard living. Whenever Lohan laughed or gasped, you can hear every late night at Chateau Marmont, every key bump, every trip through the booking process at L.A. County Jail. The damage she's done to her lungs and nasal passages is so apparent that she can't even act like she hasn't led the life she has, so it's no wonder that she couldn't act like anybody else either, let alone a screen legend like Elizabeth Taylor. So here, we present a compilation of Lindsay's death rattle, both literally and figuratively.

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Why has Jezebel run, at my last count, three separate articles about Lindsey Lohan and her made-for-television movie today? Jesus, between tearing into her and the Kardashian ladies, it's getting more and more difficult to take articles about slut-shaming and the like seriously.

How about we stop trying rip other women to shreds for a day? You know, just to see what it's like to practice what you fucking preach.