Why Didn't This Woman's Husband Help Her When She Gave Birth in the Front Seat of their Freaking Car?

A healthy and successful childbirth is a miracle or a fact of life depending on who you’re asking, but this childbirth we’re about to discuss is miraculous for the mere fact that the woman giving birth in the front seat of a moving vehicle didn’t murder her partner for filming the entire thing and not pulling over.

“We just delivered a baby in the car,” he says, incredulous, in the mere moments after his partner pulls the baby out of her with the umbilical cord still attached. “Y’all see the baby?” he asks the three children in the backseat, all of whom are relatively nonplussed by the events that have just transpired.


I am not surprised that the tweet that followed this viral one requests that people follow their family’s Instagram account. I’m also not surprised that the tweet that came after is directed at Nissan. I’m not going to assume that this was manufactured for attention or virality or a new car, but I’m not not assuming that either.

Thankfully for this family, it looks like this was a safe birth; eventually he pulls the car over, perhaps overcome with the miracle of life that he just witnessed, or perhaps just to post the video of his wife giving birth on Twitter. Trust no one! Everything’s a scam.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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“We just delivered a baby in the car.”

Who’s “we”? Typical man.