Why Are So Many Men Trying to Get on This Lesbian Dating Site?

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Dattch, a dating app for lesbians, is currently in invite-only beta testing in London. According to founder Robyn Exton, more lesbians use dating apps than straight women, simply because it's harder to meet other gay women. Some critics have told her that lesbians won't use the app — but she's hearing that mainly from guys who don't understand the gay female market.


And, so far, women are signing up. But, bizarrely, so are men. Yes, there's a hefty chunk of dudes who are trying to create profiles on the app. Er, OK.

"When we started it, there was the problem of helping women find other women they fancy or could go on a date with, but the biggest problem was the number of guys who create profiles on lesbian sites," Exton explained. "They are full of fake profiles and no one's taking the time to go in and make sure it is a genuine profile. A lot of the previous lesbian sites were just add-ons".

Exton says men attempt to register daily, even going so far as to create Facebook profiles for fake ladies to "prove" they're real. Even though they're not. She's currently manually approving each person, and says it's a common issue.

If you don't live in a bubble on Mars, you know that many straight men enjoy browsing photos of lesbians for purposes of getting off. However, what's confusing here is that some men are going so far as to create elaborate fake identities just so they can get an into a lesbian dating app.

Dudes, who do you think you're tricking here? You do know that when you show up for the date, the gig is up, right?

Am I missing something here? Is this just for the thrill of gawking at ladies who don't want you to gawk at them? Because, uh, you already have the entire internet/world for that. Why are men trying to invade one of the very few space that isn't meant for them? I have some guesses, and they're all fairly depressing, so here's hoping someone out there has a fun, lighthearted explanation for this bullshit behavior. And please don't tell me this is some garbage about converting them, because no. No. Are these men really that dumb? (That's the one question you don't need to answer.)


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Kat Callahan

This just came up in a groupthink post by ThereIsNoFluffy. As a transwoman who is primarily interested in women, where the hell do I go on the internet?

Not all of my relationships with straight identifying women have ended badly, but I have had quite a few who get into a sexual relationship with me and after a few months look at me and say, "Wow, you really ARE a woman. I'm not a lesbian. This isn't going to work." And it has little to do with my plumbing.