Who Should Replace Meredith Vieira?

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Numerous outlets have reported that Meredith Vieira is strongly leaning towards leaving Today when her contract expires in September. How could anyone's appetite for Kate Gosselin heart-to-hearts and flirting with Colin Firth possibly abate?

Today may be treacly, but it still owns its timeslot and regularly commands an average of five to six million viewers. So who should get the spot opposite Matt Lauer's Mom jeans?


Well, it will probably be Ann Curry. But that didn't stop Entertainment Weekly's TV blogger from throwing out a series of mostly outlandish names, including Megyn Kelly and Melissa Harris-Perry (we love her, but no way is that happening). Of Rachel Maddow, he says, "Would America take this proud liberal into its collective heart?" That's code for, "Would America take this proud lesbian into its collective heart?"

Here's another idea: Soledad O'Brien. Sure, she gets to produce serious documentaries over at CNN, but she'd have a far bigger audience among the neutral couches at NBC. She did have that tenure at American Morning. Or Campbell Brown, another CNN vet, who may have bowed out because of low ratings but may shine again in another format.

People also joined the speculation game, adding Hoda and Kathie Lee ("The two women play well off of each other (often fueled by a couple of cocktails) but would Matt Lauer be able to get a word in? ") and Elisabeth Hasselbeck to the speculative list. Anything but Hasselbeck.

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yech, Ann Curry is so vapid — Natalie Morales is a much better alternative, I think.

But Kelly Ripa could be good — Regis is leaving the show anyway, this is her chance to jump ship to NBC...