Who Should Be Jezebel's Woman Of The Year?

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We were uninspired to say the least by French magazine Terrafemina's choice of DSK's wife Anne Sinclair as "Woman of the Year." So we decided to give you the chance to vote for your own. But first, we need a slate of nominees.

Here's how this works: in the comments, nominate your top choice for this year's "Woman of the Year" — the lady you feel has been most influential, groundbreaking, or simply awesome this year. Then explain why you think she should win. Some possibilities we thought of are Gabrielle Giffords, Kristen Wiig, or Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but we want to hear from you. We'll pick our favorite nominees and let you vote on a final winner. Let the nominations begin!


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Ok, so I already nominated HRC downthread, and I feel that I will likely be scolded for my following comment, but I am confused as to what puts Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the running for 'Woman of the Year'. Yes, her recovery can be deemed awesome, but surviving a tragedy (and yes, she suffered a tragedy) does not make someone influential or groundbreaking, in my opinion. To meet the standards for 'Woman of the Year' doesn't one have to be an active participant in trying to change the world, and not just a victim of a senseless act?