DSK's Wife Is France's Questionable Choice For 'Woman Of The Year'

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Anne Sinclair has won the title of "Woman of the Year" in a French magazine poll, for the accomplishment of standing by her man Dominique Strauss-Kahn through accusations of sexual assault, involvement in a prostitution ring, and general dickish behavior. She beat out Christine Lagarde, who stepped in to head the IMF after DSK was ousted, and Carla Bruni. Reuters notes that Sinclair was well-known before her marriage to Strauss-Kahn for her "TV interviews and mohair sweaters," which may have given her an edge. We wonder if she'll have to give the title back if she files for divorce.



Violet Baudelaire

Is that the actual listed reason why she was selected? If so - shame on you, France.

If not - shame on you, Jez. I can think of numerous women who "stood by their husbands" (for at least a while) that would deserve American Woman of the Year on their own merits - Hilary Clinton, Elisabeth Edwards come to mind. This should be the last place where we let a woman's merits be overshadowed by her husband's behavior or her reaction to it.


This is the article I can find for it:[in.reuters.com]

And it gives no concrete reason why the polled chose her - although I'd also like to point that among men, they actually preferred Lagarde.