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Who Hailey Baldwin Is Not

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Justin Bieber has confirmed that he’s officially engaged to be MARRIED to Hailey Baldwin (~he’s off the market, ladies~), and yes, we know a lot about him—way too much. But who is she not?


She is NOT the daughter of Alec Baldwin, which is something you may have thought at first since her last name is Baldwin, and the first person you think of when you hear that name is Alec Baldwin, so you’re probably like, Oh, that’s Alec Baldwin’s daughter lol. But no, she’s the daughter of Alec Baldwin’s brother Stephen Baldwin. In fact, before Bieber, 24, proposed to Hailey, 21, on Saturday in the Bahamas, thus setting the nation ablaze with news that there will be a Mrs. Bieber who’s not his mom, Bieber got father Stephen’s permission to marry Hailey. (Now, if you need to know who Stephen Baldwin is, I’m sorry.)

Hailey Baldwin was also NOT dating Shawn Mendes earlier this year.

She is NOT Hailee Steinfeld, much to my disbelief.

And Hailey Baldwin, it seems, is NOT friends with Taylor Swift because Hailey once said, “I don’t understand the Taylor Swift squad at all.”


You’re welcome.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Kat Marlowe

My completely scientific Baldwin rankings:

1. James Baldwin

2. Baldwin, Pennsylvania

3. USS Baldwin

4. Ireland Baldwin

5. Billy Baldwin

6. Baldwin, Iowa

7. Baldwin the Eagle

8. Additional Alec Baldwin offspring

9. Daniel Baldwin

10. Hailey Baldwin

11. The Baldwins of General Hospital (except Scotty)

12. Stephen Baldwin

13. Adam Baldwin

14. Baldwin, Maine