Who Among Us Has Not Found Herself Stuck In a Window Trying To Retrieve Her Own Unflushable Poop?

Here is a tale we’ve all heard before, of a relatable shero making the best of a sticky toilet situation while trying to get some: a British woman panicked after having an issue with a poop that wouldn’t flush and ended up getting stuck upside down trying to retrieve the errant poop.


The story, according to the Bristol Post, and Bristol University graduate student Liam Smyth, is as follows: the woman, who has remained unnamed, was on a Tinder date that turned into a Netflix and chill situation with Smith when she got up to use the restroom. She came with a “panicked look in her eye” and explained quite simply what she did: she took a poop in the toilet and that poop wouldn’t flush. Faced with the terror of maybe asking for a plunger or clogging the toilet, she grabbed the poop out of the bowl, wrapped it in toilet paper and threw it out the window. Instead of landing outside, the turd in question fell into a “twilight zone” between two windows, both of which do not open to the real world.

No one was able to retrieve the poop, but Smyth’s date tried to fix it herself by climbing into the window to try to grab the shit herself. She got stuck; the fire department came and Smyth started a GoFundMe to pay for the repair of the window, which the fire department had to break to free his date, who was stuck upside down between two windows for about fifteen minutes. Classic stuff.

I once threw a plastic bag containing a dirty tampon out of a bathroom window only to discover that it was sitting on the ledge of the bathroom in plain site, so I can relate. In my case, the bag was eventually rescued via a carefully-constructed network of tent poles; I did not injure myself and everything, for the most part, was fine.

Still, I’m inspired by Smyth’s date’s tenacity and respect her panicked decision. Life is long and also very boring. Everybody poops and sometimes those poops don’t flush. Do what you have to do. Throw that poop.

Senior Writer, Jezebel



I honestly don’t understand why people can’t just own up to the fact that shit happens. Yeah, it’s a funny story but I would have never thought to go to those lengths to dispose of my shit.