While You're at Coachella, Pregnant Beyoncé Will Hopefully Be Resting With Her Feet Up

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Beyoncé is no longer doing Coachella this summer, pushing back her performance dates to 2018, on account of the fact that she is freaking pregnant with twins. She announced her postponement via a statement to the Associated Press, pinpointing the schedule change on “doctor’s orders.” By the time Coachella rolls around in mid-April, Beyoncé will be approximately a zillion weeks pregnant, so the news comes as no surprise, despite previous assurances that she would perform as promised.


Or does it? Fans who were hoping to see how she pulled off two full-length performance extravaganzas in a row while carrying two about-to-pop babies in her belly got a taste of that in her remarkable Grammys performance, but one part of Beyoncé’s lifelong overachieving is that audiences expect her to constantly be on. She clearly expects this from herself, too, given her tight leash on her image. We saw this at the Grammys, where, in lieu of her normal onslaught of explosive and demanding choreography, she compensated with a greater emphasis on beautiful visuals and performance art.

So it’s nice to see Beyoncé being of this world for once. Hopefully her rest involves her lying on the couch with her feet up, yelling at Jay Z to bring her a tray of foods that are both greasy and sweet. (I have never had a baby so I am just basing this scenario off things I want when I’m on my period.)

Coachella has not yet announced a replacement headliner, but I’m sure everyone with tickets will survive either way!



Good on her. Personal drive and love of performing aside, one of the benefits of extreme wealth is that you can say “fuck it” and NOT have to go to work if you’re massively pregnant. (Spoken by one who was massively pregnant and still had to show up for work two days before delivery because I was the one carrying health insurance for the family and all I had was two weeks of vacation. Bonus points: boss was a member of several conservative, pro-life organizations.)